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The Book


So What? I Learn Differently!
A book about Learning Disabilities / Learning Differences
written in the first person perspective
by Yonatan Koch

As a student with learning differences, I have been annoyed by the lack of first-person narratives on learning disabilities or “learning differences,” as I call them throughout my book. During my sophomore year at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, I shared my feelings with my father, who suggested the idea of writing the book. While writing this book, I am teaching student on the Autistic Spectrum. I want to give back to students what my teachers gave me – the feeling of success.”


CHP 1- Why Learning Differences, Not Disabilities, definition, tests
CHP 2- Programs, Concepts from my point of view
CHP 3- Academic Challengesthat I faced
CHP 4- The Law
CHP 5- Summer Programs
CHP 6- Return to Pooh Corner
CHP 7- Anecdotes & People’s personal stories, popular people
CHP 8- Quotes, Poems, and other Witty Words
CHP 9- The Future
CHP 10- Conclusion


While I am writing this book for students who have Learning Differences (Learning Disabilities), I feel that if you are working with a student who has Learning Differences, this book is a must read. In addition it is a good resource for every teacher’s personal library. (It could also be titled, “What your student is feeling, but afraid to tell you.”)


The following is from the introduction of “So What! I Learn Differently!”
(This excerpt is strictly copyright and may not be reproduced!)

“This project is the result of pain, grief, suffering, anxiety and frustration. I am very intrigued by the fact that many doctors philosophers, scientists, teachers, parents and numerous social workers have written books about and for students with Learning differences all saying that they know the struggles that these students are having. This intrigues me because the majority of these people do not have any diagnosed learning differences and they say they know what these students are going through. Granted, everyone has a learning difference to some degree, you and I have been diagnosed with them.

These people have all done studies on Learning Differences but how can they know how a student who is struggling to keep up in school, or struggling to fit in the social environment is feeling. Honestly, they cannot know how this student is feeling. The writers of these books can however tell you information second hand.

As a student with Learning Differences I have been very annoyed that there have not been many books to reinforce the fact that I am not alone, regardless of statistics. I have always thought that it would be nice to read a book by someone with Learning differences and be able to say, “This person is similar to me.” So I want you to realize that this book is written for you. My learning differences are similar to yours.”