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Yonatan Koch
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Extensive experience teaching in the NYC public and private schools as a classroom teacher at all grade levels, and serving as an advisor to colleagues on issues in special education and in technology. Passion for teaching Pre Kindergarten and elementary school age children. Hold degrees and permanent certification in New York State in Special Education and Elementary Education, and have a Masters Degree in Technology and Multimedia in Education. Trained in Families as Partners (FAP)

Teaching Certificates

New York State, Permanent Special Education, N-12
New York State, Permanent Elementary Education, N-6
New York State, Provisional Educational Technology
New York State Approved Early Intervention Provider


Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus, Brookville, NY – Master of Science in Educational Technology, 2005
Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus, Brookville, NY – Bachelor of Science in Special Education, 2003

Independent EI Contractor

  • Took Lead teacher position on ABA Cases
  • Run Special Instruction programs
  • Implement discrete trial and natural environment teaching procedures to help students achieve goals
  • Discuss teaching strategies with parents, support fellow educators and supervisors to meet IFSP outcomes.
  • Write quarterly progress reports at such times as defined by the IFSP

Children’s Home Intervention Program, New York, NY – June 2008-June 2009
ABA/SI Teacher

  • Work 1:1 with students under Early Intervention who are Autistic or on the PDD spectrum
  • Use discrete trial teaching and natural environment teaching procedures to help students achieve goals
  • Collaborate with parents and other therapists to ensure each child is receiving what they need
  • Write quarterly progress reports at such times as defined by the IFSP
  • Report to supervisors and coordinators on a regular basis

Sports Professions High School, New York City Department of Education, Bronx, NY – Sept. 2005-June 2008
IEP Coordinator/Special Education Teacher

  • Delivered services and provided accommodations in accordance with each student’s Individual Education Plan
  • Provided Special Education Teacher Support Services in a small group setting
  • Collaborated with teachers to help them teach using appropriate methods for working with their Special Education students
  • Proctored tests for students with special needs in accordance with their IEPs
  • Maintained ongoing communication with teachers, parents and administration

Adlai E. Stevenson High School: High School for Interior Design and Technology, New York City Department of Education, Bronx, NY – Sept. 2004-Sept. 2005
Instructional Support Specialist/Technology Teacher/Computer Technician

  • Collaborated with subject area teachers to teach core subjects in an inclusion setting
  • Used Point-of-Entry model for teaching small groups and large classes
  • Educated students to use computer programs such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word to prepare them for the professional world
  • Maintained computer hardware and software; secured approval for and followed up on computer repairs

Little Meadows Early Childhood Center, Fresh Meadows, NY – Oct. 2003-August 2004

  • At the EI level, taught basic cognitive, sensory, and social play skills in classroom setting with 12:1:2 ratio
  • Evaluated students’ needs for services when transitioning out of Early Intervention
  • Instructed classroom and individual assistants on duties while ensuring continuation of classroom routine
  • Applied IFSP/IEP goals; recorded data on students’ behaviors and academic progress
  • Substituted for colleagues in multiple age-level settings during their absences

Center for Developmental Disabilities, Woodbury, NY – Jan. 2003-Sept. 2003
Special Education Teacher

  • Taught students ages 5-21 with developmental disabilities including autism and language delays
  • Designed and implemented weekly lesson plans reflecting a well-rounded curriculum
  • Aided students in learning to follow classroom directions
  • Created annual IEP goals and recorded data on students’ behaviors

Port Washington Jewish Center, Port Washington, NY – Sept. 2002-Jan. 2003
Teacher/Special Education Tutor

  • Tutored individuals and groups of students in Hebrew
  • Contracted and met with parents, teachers and administrators
  • Managed the computer room, and oversaw the computer network’s operation and efficiency

Rosemary Kennedy School, Wantagh, NY – Oct. 2002-Dec. 2002
Student Teacher

  • Worked with mentally retarded and autistic students in groups, teaching basic reading and writing skills
  • Trained students to follow classroom directions
  • Worked with students one-on-one to complete assignments

Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington, NY – Sept. 2002 – Oct. 2002
Student Teacher

Community Synagogue, Port Washington, NY, Jan. 1999-May 2002


  • “What is Your Style?” Learning Styles (Summer 2007)
  • “Inclusion: It worked for me!” Including Special Education students in the regular classroom (Spring 2006)
  • “Ten Things I Wish My Teachers Knew” First person perspective of living with Learning Differences (Spring/Summer 2004), C.W. Post College Graduate Program
  • “So What? I Learn Differently” Services available to students classified under Special Education (Fall 2002), C.W. Post College Freshmen Seminar Class
  • “How Do I Teach My Special Education Students,” (Summer 2005)