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Here are a few of the workshops I have done for different organizations. To bring me into your community, send me a letter.

How Do I Teach My Special Education Students?

Participants will explore various resources for working with students diagnosed with Learning Differences. They will also learn how to best accommodate their Special Education students in their classroom. This workshop will also touch on Inclusion and the benefits of this model of teaching will be discussed. A teacher’s guide prepared by the speaker will also be given out.

Inclusion: It Worked For Me…
It Can Work for You!

Participants will get a first-hand experience of what it feels like to have learning disabilities or Learning Differences. They will also learn about successful inclusion techniques that work. Participants will also learn tips and tricks for including Special Education students in their classes. They will hear stories of personal experiences as well as ideas that might be done better if done differently. Handouts will also be distributed.

Ten Things I Wish My Teachers Knew:
Techniques for Working with LD Students

Do you know what it is like to have a Learning Disability or Learning Difference? Are you teaching a student who has been diagnosed as LD? Participants in this workshop will learn the top ten things anyone working with LD students should know. The triumphs and tribulations of living with Learning Differences will be discussed. Handouts will also be distributed.

So What? I Learn Differently!

This workshop will focus on services available to students classified under Special Education. Laws and documents which enable students to receive benefits will be discussed. The speaker will also focus on services rendered to him during his Academic Career starting from the age of five to the time he graduated college, as a student classified as LD. A resource list will be distributed to all participants.


All workshops are presented from the first-person perspective of a current Special Education teacher, who also was a Special Education student during his personal academic career.
Each workshop is individually tailored to the sponsoring organization’s wants/needs.
Every workshop is followed by a Question and Answer session with the speaker where there are no secrets.
Times range from an hour to two hours depending on the organization’s desires