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6685782417_29e9f8b8daAs mentioned previously, during my academic career, while involved in the TEAM Program, I used many different computer programs. These include programs which can be found in the Macromedia Studio Suite. They are Macromedia Flash MX; Fireworks MX; and Dreamweaver MX. I also used IMovie, Movie Maker 2 as well as Microsoft PowerPoint. Here are links to projects I did with each program. Only the major projects are linked from here.

Macromedia Flash:

Sight: Do you see what I see?

Macromedia Fireworks:

Balloons- All the balloons, which will take you on your trek around the world by web, were made in Fireworks.

The Question Cube– Here are many different questions you can read answers to

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Ldwriter.com: featuring my upcoming book

Journey is a collaboration created for you to see and participate in

MovieMaker and iMovie: (in addition to other programs)

A video on Learning Differences


CAJE Presentation


Special Projects

Webquest: Here is an interactive lesson to do with your class.

Inspiration: Here is a motivating story to help lift your spirits.