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So, Who Has One?

Nelson Rockefeller: Governor or New York and United States Vice President
Had dyslexia, which means he needed sentences broken up and rehearse his speeches several times

Thomas Edison: Invented the light bulb, the telegraph, the phonograph and etc.
He couldn’t spell and he had a hard time with grammar, only received three months of formal education before being pulled out of school

Hans Christian Anderson: wrote many fairy tales through dictation
He couldn’t read or write either. Anderson dictated all of his fairy tales. He also had many tutors

Stephen Spielberg: Hollywood Star
He had a very hard time in school

Agatha Christie: Wrote many wonderful novels
She couldn’t spell

Ludwig van Beethoven: Composed symphonies and other famous music
He had attention deficit disorder, meaning he couldn’t pay attention for any length of time

Joyce Bulifant: starred in the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bill Cosby Show and
made other appearances on TV
She was Dyslexic, which meant she has difficulty reading

President Joe Biden: He has held many political positions and is now the 46th President of the United States
He has a stutter which is a speech impediment.