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Ten Things I Wish My Teachers Knew

Formatted in accordance with the David Letterman show:

Here are Ten tips for teachers of LD Students.
This means all students because we all Learn Differently!

  1. LD Does Not Mean Lazy Dumb
  2. The LD student is capable of achieving the same goals as the non LD student
  3. The LD student may need more time
  4. There are many different ways to teach and learn Kinesthetic, Auditory, and Visual
  5. The LD student does have his/her individual strengths
  6. The LD student wants a chance at bat (See Homerun Hitter)
  7. FAIR has no meaning in education (See Fair)
  8. Praise Publicly Punish Privately The LD student remembers what you said.
  9. LD doesn’t mean Learning Disabled.
  10. LD means Learns Differently!!